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Patient’s reports

Mr W. K. had his T2 with preparations for interim crowns and bridges in Munich on 05.02. .
I could not reach him by phone and sent him a detailed email.
Below is his grateful reply.

Dear Ms Großmann

Thank you very much for asking.

Currently, my biggest pain is the headache of why I didn't take this step much earlier!!!!

I feel better than I have in a long time!!!!

The T2 went super great. Not the slightest pain since waking up from the anesthesia. Of course, I'm following the care instructions very closely. I'm looking very much forward to the T3 to complete the whole thing!!!!!

Apart from that, all I can say at this point is thank you.

You, Dr Leu, and the entire team are absolutely amazing and I hope for every single person who is thinking about taking this step that they don't hesitate and just go for it!!!!!

For people like us, you are truly essential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU.

With friendly, smiling greetings

W. K.